This last Wednesday, Professor Eric Goldemberg and twenty-two FIU School of Architecture students in his class came up to the library for an orientation and brief tour of the Unrealized Architecture exhibit. The students will soon be picking various countries, regions, or cities to focus on before scheduling appointments and returning to examine our rare and reference materials on art nouveau architecture in greater depth. Since the students are specifically studying art nouveau architecture, we  decided pull out of our oversized art nouveau architectural portfolios to give them an inkling of the materials in our collection.

To whet their appetites and give them a taste of our extensive holdings, we had laid out some plates from Hector Guimard’s  Le Castel Bérenger as well as others from a large format portfolio featuring the pavilions built for the Turin 1902 international exposition. The latter portfolio plates, (published in Berlin by Wasmuth), include illustrations of the principal exhibition building designed by Raimondo d’Aronca, and the Art Nouveau interiors designed for the exhibition by Peter Behrens, J. M. Olbrich, Bruno Paul, Bruno Möhring, Bernhard Pankok, and Victor Horta.


Hopefully, this little display will also inspire those of you following my blog with a renewed appreciation for these art nouveau architectural masterpieces.

~ by "The Chief" on June 17, 2010.

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