Paris Liberated on This Day in History: A Wolfsonian Library Reflection

This brief post commemorates the liberation of Paris from German occupation on August 25th, 1944, an event celebrated in a couple of French children’s propaganda books in The Wolfsonian library collection.

XC1991_884_000The WolfsonianFIU, Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection

In the days leading up to the liberation, members of the French Resistance had entered the city, freed some civilian prisoners, and taken over the Grand Palais. German snipers, however, continued to contest the advance of an armored division entering Paris from the South.


The WolfsonianFIU, Gift of Pamela K. Harer

More than 625 Resistance fighters and civilians perished during the battle to liberate the French capital, and in retaliation, some German prisoners and French collaborators were summarily killed upon capture. But after two days of fighting, Allied forces of the 2nd Armored Division swept into Paris virtually unopposed.


Portfolio plate from Album historico la II Guerra Mundial illustrated by Antonio Arias Bernal

The WolfsonianFIU, Gift of Martijn F. Le Coultre

~ by "The Chief" on August 25, 2016.

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