Last week we had two special group tours come to the Wolfsonian museum and library. The first of these group tours was organized by John Shipley, manager of the Florida Collection, and Denise Delgado, curator, art services and exhibition coordinator at the main branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library System, and included eleven librarians and art administrators visiting from Denmark. The Danish guests seemed taken with our current library exhibition, Rewriting the World, curated by Matthew Abess. Even as most of the visitors looked over the visual display of the materials in the cases, a couple of members of the group began to recite some of the German language poetry aloud.


What more could one want from an exhibit that features the Vladimir Mayakovski book of poetry, Dlia Golosa [For Reading Out Loud], designed and illustrated by El Lissitzky?

Naturally, we also pulled some of the Danish materials in our collection of which we have more than one hundred items. Although we had laid out a variety of materials ranging from works on art, architecture, and industrial design, the items that really drew them in were two anti-Nazi pieces: a rare issue of the periodical 2aar, and an artist monograph published just after the war highlighting the provocative political artwork of Harald Engman created during the German occupation of Denmark.

The second group tour had been organized by Michelle Deland, Corporate Campaign Manager of the Michigan Opera Theatre, and was led by Wolfsonian board member, Gary Wasserman. The visitors were given a tour of our fifth floor galleries and afterwards came down to the library to view our poetry display and see a few opera-related items culled from our collection. The library holds a number of large format books with plans of opera houses from the late nineteenth century, as well as a few playbills, programs, calendars, and other ephemera referencing operatic costume and set design.


~ by "The Chief" on May 4, 2011.


  1. thanks for rewritten the word you too!

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