Early this week, Chairman and CEO of Costa Cruise Line, Pier Luigi Foschi and his charming wife, Emmanuela came up to the library to see some of our extensive holdings of pre- and post-World War II promotional materials for the various Italian steamship companies.


The library holds an impressive number of advertising brochures designed and printed for such companies as the Navigazioni Generale Italiana, Italia – Flotta Riunite, and Cosulich lines, most of which had been originally collected by Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. our museum’s founder.

Mr. Wolfson has had a long-term connection to Genoa, having maintained a residence there and having also created and launched our sister-institution, the Wolfsoniana, in that port city.


Our collection of post-war Italian cruise line materials came to us through a generous donation by former FIU director of libraries and cruise line enthusiast, Dr. Laurence Miller.

Dr. Miller’s gift included tens of thousands of advertising brochures, deck plans, menus, postcards, publicity photographs, and other printed ephemera produced by various steamship companies between the 1950s and 2000s.

Naturally for Mr. Foschi’s tour through the library, we pulled a selection of items from the six boxes of materials relating to the Costa Cruise Line.

Dr. Miller has been generously sharing his time and expertise for many months now  helping us to process, organize, catalog, and digitize the collection. We hope with his help, to organize a display of some of those materials in our library exhibition space in the near future. Until then, the interested blogger will have to be content with these few images, or can turn to our on-line library catalog to peruse our ocean liner materials at:

~ by "The Chief" on December 9, 2010.


  1. Ah, to cross the oceans on a liner like these …I’m sorry, but I can’t stand cruises!!
    Does anyone still cross the Atlantic (or the Pacific, for that matter), that one could go that way instead of flying in cattle class?

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