Peddling my bicycle to the Wolfsonian Museum this Saturday morning, I noticed as I passed by the Miami Beach Convention Center that the Miami Home Design & Remodeling Show will be on view for another couple of days. Our own museum has a wealth of materials on interior decoration and design, and so I thought I’d use the occasion as an excuse to show off some of the spectacular pochoir (that’s French for “stencil work”) portfolio plates created in the mid-1920s to promote the new Art Deco aesthetic.



In 2008, our curator Sarah Schleuning organized an exhibition of many of these vibrant color plates and published a beautifully illustrated exhibition catalog of the same entitled, Moderne: Fashioning the French Interior. Edited by Marianne Lamonaca and published by Princeton Architectural Press, it is available for purchase at The Dynamo, our museum café and gift shop. That’s my less-than-subtle shameless plug for commerce today!

We also have on display on the third floor library foyer an exhibition entitled, Unrealized Architecture. This display includes three amazing color portfolio plates featuring interior designs by Leopold Bauer, Bailey Scott, and Charles Rennie Macintosh and his wife Macdonald created for a competition for a House for an art lover. Check it out online or in person!

~ by "The Chief" on September 5, 2010.


  1. I love the idea of the “Unrealized Architecture” exhibit. It’s very unique– props to the Wolfsonian!

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