This past Thursday, the library hosted a visit by Professor Joseph Patrouch and 14 students taking his class, Approaches to History: Material Culture, Public History, Social History. Given our substantial holdings of Austrian materials and his scholarly interest in Vienna and the Habsburgs, Dr. Patrouch has been a fairly frequent museum visitor and collaborator.

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Over the years, Dr. Patrouch has organized trips and international exchange student visits and ushered a large number of students through the museum and research library. This academic school year is no exception. For their first assignment, the students taking his Junior Seminar have been asked to choose from among the hundreds of Viennese ball favors in our objects collection, and to examine and describe them in detail.


The students can choose to focus on the material form and format of these historical artifacts, research and write about the social milieu in which they were created and used, explain their historical significance, and otherwise use them to learn something about the times in which they were made. All of us here at the museum look forward to hearing more about their findings and the light they shed on these items.

~ by "The Chief" on September 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “LIFE’S A BALL”

  1. I was one of the students there, thanks for your instructions and insight!!

  2. Those are some pretty amazing outfits in that last illustration. Anyone doing historical fashion recreation for this period?

  3. In addition to the students from the Junior Seminar, there was a student who completed last Summer’s Vienna colloquium who is working on a semester-long research project using the ball favors, and an Oxford-trained early modernist colleague from out of town who was interested in finding out more about the collection.

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