This past Tuesday Professor Joseph Patrouch and 18 members of his joint undergraduate History and Liberal Studies Colloquium came to the Wolfsonian library for a presentation of Viennese materials. Our rare books cataloguer, Dr. Nicolae Harsanyi is fluent in German and was responsible for cleaning up the bibliographic records of virtually all of the rare Austrian materials in the library collection. In collaboration with the New World Symphony’s In-Context Festival in 2008, (focusing on Vienna and two of its most compositional sons–Schubert and Berg), Dr. Harsanyi put together a library exhibit entitled: Spanning the Divide of Centuries: Vienna from the last Habsburgs to the Austrian Republic. A virtual display of the same can be accessed at the following web address:

Dr. Harsanyi also made a Powerpoint presentation and delivered a joint lecture with Dr. Patrouch on April 22, 2008 relating the work of the composers to the spirit of the age.

For the group of students visiting this last Tuesday, Dr. Harsanyi shifted through our Viennese materials and pulled together a display giving them a taste of Austrian holdings. Professor Patrouch was particularly struck by the large quantity of ball favors to be found in the Wolfsonian’s Works on Paper Department.

The library also holds some related materials from the pre World War One period, including the two souvenir publications celebrating the fiftieth year anniversaries of the Konkordia and Industrialists balls. Our library holds numerous vintage postcards from the Austrian Secession; a fine run of Ver Sacrum magazine; many rare Wiener Werkstatte catalogs, sample books, and other ephemera; and portfolios by Joseph Maria Olbrich, Otto Wagner, and other important Viennese architects.


~ by "The Chief" on June 9, 2010.

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