Some wonderful gifts arrived this week just in time for inclusion in our up-and-coming exhibition +five: Recent Acquisitions from The Wolfsonian Collection. This show which will open on April 23, will highlight some of the gifts and acquisitions that have come into the museum in the course of the last five years. The most recent additions to the Wolfsonian collection had been sent to the museum library by collector, friend, and donor, Vicki Gold Levi.

We first encountered Vicki nearly a decade ago when she came down to Miami in the course of looking for materials to be included in a book project she was preparing for publication in collaboration with Steve Heller (another Wolfsonian donor and supporter). For some time, Vicki had been voraciously collecting ephemeral items documenting U.S.-Cuba tourist trade relations in the pre-Castro era. Her project culminated in the publication of Cuba Style: Graphics from the Golden Age of Design by the Princeton Architectural Press in 2002. Soon after her first visit to the Wolfsonian, Vicki arranged to have the bulk of that collection gifted to the Wolfsonian library, where some of the hundreds of ephemeral items were soon after exhibited in one of our galleries. Highlights from her donation can be seen online at the following web address: Other items from Vicki’s personal collection and loans from some of the materials she donated to the Wolfsonian also appeared in another exhibition organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2008: ¡Cuba! Art and History from 1868 to Today.

Following that first meeting and subsequent donation, Vicki has not been idle. In 2004 she published yet another book entitled: Times Square Style: Graphics from the Golden Age of Broadway—again donating to our institution some of the colorful items in the wake of the project’s completion. A number of these gifts were exhibited in a library display in 2005 X: A Decade of Collecting when the Wolfsonian celebrated the acquisitions that had come in during our first ten years as a public institution.

Once again Vicki has sent some wonderful materials our way, including some programs, sheet music covers, postcards, and periodicals. All of these materials will be added to our Web catalog with direct links in the records to digital images. Included in this blog are a few of the items being considered for the +five exhibition which I offer up as a teaser.

~ by "The Chief" on April 10, 2010.

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