Thanks to the efforts of Digital Library Specialist David Almeida, a Florida International University student show exhibited in the Green Library on the Modesto Maidique campus in the winter months of 2009/2010 can now be viewed online. Seven undergraduate students studying the Great Depression and New Deal Era researched and selected materials from the Wolfsonian-FIU library and from the Mitchell Wolfson Study Collection in downtown Miami. They displayed those items in an exhibition about the New Deal programs of the Roosevelt Administration. Now that show lives on in a virtual display format which can be viewed by anyone using the internet anywhere around the globe.

The display is arranged according to the themes chosen, researched, and curated by the students. Mariana Clavijo covered President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s earliest New Deal programs: the NRA (National Recovery Administration) and AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration). Maria Aliano and Miriam Kashem gathered artifacts from our own rare books library as well as items in Mr. Wolfson’s private collection to examine how the New Deal aimed at solving the issues of problem youth during the Great Depression. Ms. Aliano honed in on the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) while Ms. Kashem also explored government-produced pamphlets from the WPA (Work Projects Administration) and NYA (National Youth Administration) aimed at showing how the government was taking care of its younger citizens. Jessica Tejeiro chose items related to the FAP (Federal Arts Project), focusing on federally-funded galleries and community art centers while Kevin Pineiro looked at Federal One projects including: the FTP (Federal Theatre Project), FMP (Federal Music Project), and the FWP (Federal Writers’ Project). Michelle Zavala and Christie Vina teamed up to explore the FWP (Federal Writers’ Project), looking at the American Guide Series of books published to promote travel and tourism to all 48 states and territories of the United States.

~ by "The Chief" on February 17, 2010.

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