Wolfsonian rare books cataloguer Dr. Nicolae Harsanyi spent part of the winter break between Christmas and New Year’s Day presenting papers at two different panels organized by the Romanian Studies Association of America, of which he is a life member. On Dec. 29-30, 2009, Dr. Harsanyi participated in the Annual Convention of Modern Language Association (MLA) held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he delivered a paper entitled: “Romanian Pavilions at Word’s Fairs between the two World Wars.” This paper used sources available in the Wolfsonian library, where we have extensive primary source holdings of World’s Fair and international exposition materials.

Romania’s Pavilion at the 1937 Paris Exposition

Source: Exposition internationale, Paris, 1937. Participations étrangères, Editions Alexis Sinjon, Paris, 1937, pl. 39.

The second paper presented was “Programmatic Discourse and Problematic Realities” and focused on the rhetoric and legacy of the Proclamation of Timisoara (Romania) issued in March 1990. The latter presentation required little in the way of reading from his presentation paper as Dr. Harsanyi was able to rely on his own personal memories as a founding member of the society which issued the Proclamation, on the political and societal urgencies that engendered this document, as well as on the textual structure of it.

Both panels were attended by approximately fifteen scholars hailing from various universities across the United States.

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